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Firefighters on the front lines of climate change

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16 Feb 0 Comment

Playing with Fire

Union of Concerned Scientists Report: Playing with Fire

UCS, a non-profit group, has as its mission to put “rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planet’s most pressing problems.” In this report on the rising costs of western wildfires, UCS catalogs how the changing climate, in combination with changing development patterns, has increased the risks and costs of wildfires for communities, firefighters, and society at large. It concludes that the number of large wildfires on federally managed lands in the 11 western states has increased markedly in recent years, and “the threat of wildfires is projected to worsen over time as rising temperatures — rising more rapidly in the American West than the global average — continue to lead to more frequent, large, and severe wildfires and longer fire seasons.”

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