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Firefighters on the front lines of climate change

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3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Contact your local elected and state officials and urge them to support smart policies that address climate impacts and encourage renewable energy. 

  • Sign our letter to Colorado’s elected officials here, we’ll be delivering the signatures with every meeting we have. Add your name to make your voice heard.
  • Find out who your local elected officials are here or your Congressional elected officials here.
  • Below is a sample letter, email, or call script you can use when contacting them. However, adding your own personal story to it will increase its impact.


Our May-October fire season is a thing of the past. This Fall we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures across the Front Range, accompanied by very little rain, which is an unfortunate formula for frequent and intense wildfires. As Coloradans, we need to continue the conversation about our changing climate, which is the driving force to these extreme and unpredictable fires. Warming temperatures combined with increased development in the Wildland Urban Interface, historic fire suppression, and careless recreators create more opportunities for devastating wildfires .According to a U.S. Forest Service report, climate change has increased the length of national fire season by an average 78 days since 1970.  As wildfires worsen, we need to carefully plan and budget for a shifting fire regime, and rethink where and how we develop in our quickly growing state.

By taking action today to mitigate climate impacts we can effectively decrease the risks and costs of wildfire. Colorado has already implemented a number of policies to reduce harmful carbon pollution that accelerates climate change, but we need to do more. We can support our firefighters by encouraging our legislators to support policies that address the root cause of climate change, like the Clean Power Plan. We can’t wait for the next devastating fire, please join me today in supporting smart climate policies.

2) Organize a screening with your local elected official, Fire Department, HOA, or friends. Invite local firefighters who can speak to their experience on the ground.

  • Request a DVD here to use in your screening in Colorado (it’s free)
  • Download the film on demand for community uses outside of Colorado, here ($9.95)

3) Tag Colorado decision makers in your social media posts. Thank them for their work and encourage them to #ActOnClimate



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