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Firefighters on the front lines of climate change

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Firefighters to Governor, Senator: “Take Fast Action on Climate Change”

This week a group of Colorado firefighters traveled to Denver, meeting with the offices of Governor John Hickenlooper and U.S. Senator Cory Gardner. At the State Capitol, they sat down with Governor John Hickenlooper’s senior staff to discuss the impacts of climate change on the shifting fire regime in Colorado and proposed solutions. They also delivered a letter signed by 160+ supporters like you, urging the Governor to “allocate adequate funds to prevent and manage wildfires and to accelerate clean, renewable energy production.” Since progress has been slow and the issue is urg

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3 Ways to Get Involved

1) Contact your local elected and state officials and urge them to support smart policies that address climate impacts and encourage renewable energy.  Sign our letter to Colorado's elected officials here, we'll be delivering the signatures with every meeting we have. Add your name to make your voice heard. Find out who your local elected officials are here or your Congressional elected officials here. Below is a sample letter, email, or call script you can use when contacting them. However, adding your own personal story to it will increase its impact. Dear___ Our May-Octobe

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Progression Maps of Large US Wilfires

Thanks to Wildfire Today, We recently became familiar with the fantastic fire mapping tool from EcoWest. The maps display fire locations as well as the perimeter progression over time. See Maps Here

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Don Whittemore featured in Yale Climate Connections

Longer fire seasons because of increased drought present persistent and greater safety challenges to firefighters. http://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2016/08/wildfire-fighting-challenges-in-colorado/?utm_content=buffer6c3a0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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Nederland Mayor thanks Firefighters involved in Cold Springs Fire

Joe Gierlach: Thanks firefighters; Cold Springs Fire a wake-up call POSTED:   07/15/2016 06:01:54 PM MDT | UPDATED:   4 DAYS AGO There is a collective sense of relief today as the Cold Springs Fire is 100 percent contained and evacuations are lifted. We could only watch from afar as the fire devastated our community of Nederland, ultimately destroying eight homes and seven other structures. This has been a very real wake-up call, no one expects to lose everything in a matter of days. I want to thank all of the brave men and women who battled this fire under very challenging c

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Press from Grand Junction Screening June 15th

Film Screening Sparks Discussion About Upcoming Wildfire Season, Melody Gonzales Fox 4 News Wildfire experts show film, discuss wildfire and climate change, Josh McDaniel, NBC KCCO 11 Wildfire experts show film, discuss wildfire and climate change, Josh McDaniel, ABC KCJT 8      

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Grand Junction Screening June 15th

We're very excited to be bringing the film to Grand Junction on June 15th. A panel featuring firefighters, natural resource professionals, and elected officials, will lead a conversation with the audience following the screening. The goal of this panel is to spark a candid discussion of field observations and experiences, and how to mitigate associated wildfire risks from a diverse stakeholder perspective. This is an excellent platform for the collective fire community and public to discuss challenges and new solutions. When/Where: June 15th, 6:30 PM Grand Junction Central Library

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Playing with Fire

Union of Concerned Scientists Report: Playing with Fire UCS, a non-profit group, has as its mission to put "rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planet's most pressing problems." In this report on the rising costs of western wildfires, UCS catalogs how the changing climate, in combination with changing development patterns, has increased the risks and costs of wildfires for communities, firefighters, and society at large. It concludes that the number of large wildfires on federally managed lands in the 11 western states has increased markedly in recent years, and "the threat o

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National Climate Assessment

National Climate Assessment The 2014 National Climate Assessment, released in May 2014, is the most comprehensive look at climate change science in the United States. The report was written by teams of authors from around the country, and was the most heavily vetted scientific report of its kind. The report's first line states that, "Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present." The report explores many facets of climate change, from the frequency of wildfire to the impacts on agriculture, public health, and infrastructure. The report con